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UML and Visual Studio

Much to my disappointment and after about 6 hours of trying to get it to work, Visual Studio 2008 does not support UML (Unified Modelling Language). Visual Studio 2008 allows you to create a class diagram that will self generate all the classes in the project (of course you would have done all your class diagrams first, ahem), but this is not UML! Microsoft Visio has UML support, but it cannot generate it from classes or a visual studio project, unless you have the “uber apparently works edition”. Great, so there you are with this huge project and you need to document it, but VS2008 does not know what the hell UML is.

The good news is that there will be full UML support in Visual Studio 2010! Yippee! However for me that will be too late 😦

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Posted by on August 12, 2009 in C# Development, Software Development


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